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Merry Meet

Merry Meet and Welcome to my world. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Venus Skylace and I am a Solitary Hereditary Witch who resides in Perth, Western Australia. I have been a witch, a seer, a walker between worlds all my life. I was blessed to have a mother who could see spirits so my being able to see, hear and smell their presence, and to see auras was treated as normal, really as nothing special and so I thought it was just something everyone did. It was never spoken about outside the family though, as I guess it really wasn't accepted by the average Joe Blog back then, and omg 'what would the neighbours think,' and that always mattered to my mother.

Venus Skylace has been the name I have use on the internet and on social media for over 20 years and it it probably closer to 30years than 20 now, You will find me of course on Facebook where I have a page called Aussie Solitary Grey Witch. On Pinterest you will find me using Venus Skylace Aussie Witch. Finally on Instagram I post under venus_skylace. Aren't you glad there are only 3 other sites :) and you are most welcome to follow me on any of them.

Here on Wix I have only recently joined. Mostly this site will be about Southern Hemisphere Witchcraft with an element of my Spiritual thinking coming in, as I advocate the protection of animals and of Gaia herself. I have in the past talked about how we are all connected to each other, to every living animal, and every plant and as we are destroying those things we are destroying ourselves. I'm a huge believer that as a Witch it is up to us to raise our voice to protect this planet we call home and All Life on her. Plus as time goes on I will be making Witchy items and selling them here.

I walk a Grey Path equally able to heal or curse. I am not Wiccan so the Wiccan Rede is not part of my path. Neither am I Hindu so the law of Karma does not apply to my life. I am as happy to walk in the Shadows helping those that have fallen, as I am to walk in the light. I am not New Age and not at all interested in the Law of Attraction, which I have seen used to victim blame. Having said that I believe we all have our own path to walk and we should be able to walk it in peace and in harmony with our Soul. Gatekeepers telling us their way is the only one are wrong and if they want to follow that train of thought then maybe they should follow one of the paths of Abraham.

So this is me and welcome to my world

Bright Blessings

Venus Skylace.

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