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October Tarot Challenge

Daily Challenge - Day 1 and I post this at 11:11 😊

What parts of me do I struggle to face?

Page of Cups

This card speaks of creativity, inspiration, love, lust and passion.

I use to draw and paint and create things and I would throw it out. Because to me it was never good enough. Certainly there were people more talented than me so why try, and so I stopped. I was and still am my own biggest critic. That needs to stop.

It feels like a large part of me died when I shut down my creativity, I would love to get that back.

So the thing I really need to work on is my self esteem, my self belief and just do it. It doesn’t matter what other people think. It doesn’t matter if there are more talented people out there. Nobody can birth my creativity but myself, and if it brings joy, happiness and peace into my life then my creations are a success.

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