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Saturn retrograde

So just when we get a break from Mercury it becomes Saturns turn to turn Retro on June 4th until October 23rd in the air sign of Aquarius and ending in the earth sign of Capricorn.

But unlike Mercury, Saturn in retrograde is often more constructive than destructive. During the next few months you may have feelings of limitations, restrictions and heaviness. Things this retro will focus on are time management, being your own authority, setting firmer boundaries, budgeting and preparing for the future. Being a slow moving planet you have find that progress on any of your plans maybe slow. But basically during this retro you are being told that, “it’s time to get your shit together.”

So now is the time to look at those emails you have been ignoring, organise your calendar, and start prioritising the things that matter.

Things to ask yourself and to work on during this time are:

Are your foundations strong enough?

Have you been investing your time, money, and resources in the best way?

Are you working harder instead of smarter?

Depending on the answers is where Saturn is asking you to focus your energies during the next few months.

Since Saturn is the planet that rules karma, its retrograde is a time of... well, karma. This can of course be a good or not so good period depending on your past actions. It is going to be a time of our past actions being revisited and reviewing how we handled them. Saturn is both wise and fair so it’s not like you will necessarily be punished for doing the wrong thing but you can expect to have to explain why you did so.

So expect this retro to be a time of deciding where to from here. Who and what do you want to invest your time and energy in. The changes will be slow like Saturn itself and it may feel you are not making much or any progress. But Saturn in retrograde is giving you the chance to decide your next move. Much like a game of chess you need to see exactly what you want to do and if you head this way what is the most likely result.

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